Beloved Cecil

By now, all animal lovers have heard about the untimely and cruel death of the beloved Zimbabwean Lion, Cecil.  Cecil was illegally shot and butchered by one of the many wealthy trophy hunters here in the United States.  As articles circulate across the internet people are outraged and making death threats, while the self-righteous go on with their bit about “But if we wish or inflict ill things onto the hunter, it makes us no different than he is.”

Do I wish this person to be tortured and brutally killed? Absolutely not.  I wish him to be brutally tortured, but left to live many, many, years. To reply to the self-righteous about morality: The difference is that one takes the lives of creatures that aren’t bothering them or anyone for that matter, for the mere sake of “ego” and the need of self-validation.  IE: Each time Palmer looks at the animals he’s murdered he feels validated because he obviously, isn’t validated in any other way.

He has already been outed for having a bear-related felony record in which he admits to lying to the officials.  Anyone who believes his story about being lead to believe he was doing a legal hunt is an idiot.

While we are on the subject, rewind to Kendal Jones, the wannabe huntress. She actually boasted about killing Africa’s wildlife, then retracted her story. When the public assassinated her for her kills, she claimed to have killed an elephant to feed villagers and was doing it as a humanitarian. She is an American.  There are thousands of homeless veterans who fought for her freedom who need to be fed, but yet her humanitarian efforts lead her all the way to Africa? $49,000 buys decent shelter for families in Zimbabwe, but she thought it best to spend the money for a self-serving hunt and toss the carcass to the people for food.

These people are not even hunters!  I shall demonstrate.

Zimbabwe Hunting Safaris   10-Day Trophy Lion Safari
All inclusive of
Trophy fee, Baits included
1×1 $49,000.00

Included in safari package: 
10 full days of hunting
Airport pick-up
Trophy fee on lion
Food, lodging and all beverages, wine and beer for duration of stay .
Services of a Professional Hunter
Also vehicle, trackers, skinners, cook, daily laundry, field preparation of trophies.

“Services of a Professional Hunter, trackers, and bait.”

They call themselves hunters, but yet they use bait provided for them and someone else tracks the animal.  How exactly does that make one a hunter? It doesn’t, it makes them cowards.  They conquered an animal with a gun or an arrow, big whoop.  Did they cure cancer?  Did they create the next version of the Iphone? NOPE.  They paid to kill an animal in Africa, something that any red-blooded American could do with enough money.  They’re not elite.  They would only be elite if they were the only people allowed, but guess what?  Money talks in Africa and they are not the only people with money.  Therefore, again, they are nothing special, not elite, not glamorous, not skilled, … they are nobody.  They become spectacles only when they are being crucified for their heinous acts.

IF they go trek for miles and pitch a tent out in the wild where they are fair game to the predators without anyone who knows the land, then they can call themselves hunters… if they survive through the night and kill an animal on their own. Until then, they are just rich, stupid, delusional, sociopaths.

I think we wish these people would all die horrible deaths so the planet along with humankind and wildlife would be better off, we just don’t want to say it publicly because we feel it’s not PC. Well, Sharon Osbourne doesn’t seem to care.  ˇI even think if most of us had the chance to pull the trigger that lead to their demise we would do it, if we wouldn’t get caught!

These people enjoy killing animals, or else they wouldn’t do it.  The animals are not being killed for food, they are being killed for trophies.  Are any of these particular people currently active in any fields of zoology?  No. One is a dentist and the other is a cheerleader.  The whole, “I’m doing it for conservation” bit is bullocks.

I hope this guy gets extradited back to Africa and goes to prison.  It is time to make an example out of these people.  Let him be the one.  He should have thought about his practice and his family before he released his arrow.

If only CBS’s new show ZOO could be a reality.



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