Trophy Hunting Sociopaths (Kendall Jones recap)

One beautiful morning I was scrolling through the news feed on Facebook and noticed that a friend had posted an article about some teenaged big game hunter from Texas posing with the dead animals she’d killed.  Looking at the article it seemed like a hoax as there have been many, many, images of families posed by dead animals in Africa that were Photoshopped.  Such photos put targets on these people’s backs I might add.  Before I wrote it off in my mind as a hoax I did some research online, something I encourage all people to do to stop the spreading of false news.  To my surprise, the story was completely true.

Kendall Jones, the 19-year-old, Texas Tech Cheerleader Big Game Hunter Chick, etc… a few articles causing a bit of a stir on the internet.  The comments are a funny read, more so than the articles are interesting to say the least, but they do leave you with that, “Damn, humans are doomed” feeling.  Straight away there are assumptions that the opposing parties are liberals or vegetarians as the majority of the comments are attacks on the them and PETA.  The individuals making these comments are incapable of formulating a well thought and well-written response; they have nothing else to contribute.  They’re immediately discredited, because I obviously have a higher IQ.  Then you have the comments by hunters boasting about eating meat and slaughtering animals with the intent to offend people.  Again, presumably incapable of contributing to the actual debate of the article, so they make it about them.  I’m just basing this on the fact that they don’t say anything relating to the article itself.

One of Kendall’s supporters said that the vegetarians are also killing life by eating plants and it affects humans because the plants produce oxygen.  Well, I’m assuming that this person never eats a vegetable, ever, but it’s too obvious that he didn’t even GOOGLE his “information” because if so, he would have known that the majority of the earth’s oxygen comes from phytoplankton found in the ocean.  Dumb and lazy are a bad combination and put that person behind a keyboard on a computer… oh lawd.

Another, said that he was surprised that the “tree hugging hippies” took a moment away from their BIG Gulps or McDonald’s Big Macs to even make comments on the articles.  Does anyone know of a true hippie that would drink massive amounts of sugar and even step foot inside a McD’s?  They’re too busy posting their Anti-GMO rants and buying over priced organic goodies from Whole Foods to bother! You silly human!  Even the anti-Kendall activists focused more on her wealth and how she got to participate in such a heinous act rather than the demise of the animals.

Most of the articles I’ve read say that Kendall was doing what she did because of conservation because the animals she killed often picked off the young of the animals of prey.   So, in other words, Africa Wildlife has Kendall to thank because she saved the day.

Interestingly enough, big game reservations breed animals so they can be hunted and killed by those who can afford and are willing to pay for the permits and the fees to hunt there.  She probably knew that, or maybe she didn’t, but  in her own words:

“Controlling the male lion population is important within large fenced areas like these to make sure the cubs have a high survival rate. Funds from a hunt like this go partially to the government for permits but also to the farm owner as an incentive to keep and raise lions on their property.

Large fenced in areas eh? The animals are not actually in the wild per se.  So, she’s not really doing anything that the operators of the reservations could not do themselves.   Here is what comes in a paid big game safari hunt in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Hunting Safaris   10-Day Trophy Lion Safari
All inclusive of
Trophy fee, Baits included
1×1 $49,000.00
Included in safari package:
10 full days of hunting
Airport pick-up
Trophy fee on lion
Food, lodging and all beverages, wine and beer for duration of stay .
Services of a Professional Hunter
Also vehicle, trackers, skinners, cook, daily laundry, field preparation of trophies.

How exactly does shooting an animal that is provided within a confined area be it large or small make her a “huntress?”  Rather insulting I imagine to the actual hunters that hunt out in the open where both they and the animals are at risk of certain death.  These hunters define hunting because they use their actual tracking skills.   This gal and her daddy didn’t camp out in a tent in the wild and outwit the most fierce predators known to man.  Don’t kid yourself, this was like shooting fish in a barrel.   And hello, she’s posing next to her kills wearing enough black eyeliner to pass as a zebra and not a hair on her head is out of place.  Hardly what someone who kills animals in the true wild looks like after a kill.

Speaking of Daddy, he defended his daughter by saying she is actually a humanitarian and she is doing what she can to help feed third world countries.  Now, lets take this into consideration.  Instead of directly donating the money for the safari to the villagers, she opted to hunt and gave them scraps of elephant protein..  Again, she saved the day, but did you know that in some parts of Zimbabwe you can purchase a modest house for $49,000 USD?  Maybe some villagers prefer their way of life, but did she ask?  Funds for the hunt goes to the farmer as an incentive to raise the lions for the hunt, again, these animals are provided by a human for the kill, not by nature.   This is why her conservation defense is flawed.  They’re being bred which means created and put out into population.   She claims  the numbers need to be kept down in order for other wildlife prosper?  Perhaps  if they weren’t bred by the farmers for the hunt then they wouldn’t exist and there wouldn’t be a problem for said wildlife, but then there wouldn’t be any footage available for her sizzle reel.   It’s like doing a drive by at a puppy mill.   Daddy also stated that the lion she killed was old and sick and would have been killed by a younger lion.  Seriously, they teach you that in high school.  It’s part of their nature.  Wild animals don’t need the help of humans.  Humans are disrupting the way of nature.

Something else to consider, she’s a proud TEXAN, probably republican, but regardless she is an AMERICAN.   Her humanitarian concern for the welfare of others led her to another country to feed its villagers rather than spending the money on helping those in need in her own country.  An example would be homeless veterans.  There are approximately 80,000 people who are homeless in Texas right now and 13% are veterans.   While one might argue that taking care of the homeless here is not her responsibility, well neither was feeding villagers in Africa.

Kendall Jones is just a young and naive girl who just doesn’t know any better really.  She’s 19 and apparently not very intelligent since she posted photos that would obviously make her a marked human and she’s told everyone where they can find her, cheering on the sidelines of Texas Tech games.   She wants a reality show (not to be confused with docudrama.)  She has even tried to add importance to her character by claiming she got a death threat by Real Housewives star,  Joanna Krupa.  In all fairness, we are in the business of making celebrities out of talentless rich people for being vile human beings.  So maybe Joanna might want to pat herself on the back for being a contributor to Kendall’s mentality.

As far as the photos being posted on Facebook.  It’s not much different from when a person posts photos of deer or duck they have hunted and killed for food, the difference is the kind of animals that are in the photos.   BUT, when one views a photo of a dead elephant illegally killed by poachers, it looks pretty much the same as the photo Kendall has posted of her kill.  Both elephants are dead and the responsible party is posing for a selfie, however, I don’t think poachers use Facebook for bragging.  She claims to have killed a white rhino at age 13, an animal that has a NT (Near Threatened) status.  According to her family’s comments, as long as it’s not endangered it’s okay, okay meaning legal to kill.  Doesn’t seem as if they think beyond their bubble.  As if the loss of habitat and poachers aren’t enough, leave it to the Jones’ to speed up the extinction process.

Yes, the view is beautiful here from this high horse in which I sit although right now my view is very dark.   Would I be happy if Kendall suffered or became victim of an animal attack?  No.  I’m already happy, that would just make me laugh.   If Kendall wants to be worthy of her own show, perhaps she became a real hunter and stalked the poachers and picked them off one by one without being caught.  She’d be a true humanitarian then by getting rid of things the world would be better without… but until then.. just another attention whore whose 15 minutes is almost over.





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